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Thanks to all who have helped with Dr. Scott’s 2018-2019 flu study. He hopes to get at least one paper published from it. As most of you know, we have had two heavy flu seasons in a row. This last winter, a mutated strain of H3N2 flu A came out causing one of the most prolonged flu seasons in the past few decades (sporadic cases have even continued through the summer). Both A strains in this year’s flu vaccine have been changed, so it should give much better protection than last year. We are due for a light flu season this winter -– we’ll see…

You may have noticed that the big pine trees next to our office (as seen on our home web page) have been cut down this summer. This was necessary due to roots buckling up our driveway, as well as the potential threat of falling on our office with a storm.

Dr. Scott and Dr. Susan continue to be active in the American College of Pediatricians (ACPeds). Dr. Scott has authored or coauthored several Statements regarding what is best for children, including the Statement on Human Papillomavirus Vaccination (updated January 2019) and “Immunization – Responsibilities and Rights” which was posted to the ACPeds website ( on May 2019. He is presently working on one regarding reproductive choices affecting risk for breast cancer, hopefully to be posted this fall – stay tuned.


We continue to take pleasure in serving as your children’s pediatricians. Thank you!



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