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After over 34 years of private pediatric practice, the doctors and almost all of our staff are retiring come December 31, 2021. We have tried to notify all of our active patient families about our retirement plans. If you have more questions, please contact our office prior to December 31, 2021. Thank you!


Dr. Scott has written a number of referenced articles about COVID-19 that can be found at under Topics / COVID-19. A manuscript resulting from the influenza research that many of our patient families participated in has been submitted to a peer reviewed medical journal and as of 12/2/21 is still under review.


It has been a pleasure and an honor to have had the privilege of providing care for your children, our patients.

Featured Research


Scott S. Field, MD, FAAP

Interaction of Genes and Nutritional Factors in the Etiology of Autism and Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorders: A Case Control Study

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How do Genes and Environment cause Autism?

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Reasons for Influenza Vaccine Underutilization: A Case Control Study

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Getting Established

Because we are retiring soon, we are not accepting any new patients. We will continue through the rest of December to advise our patients about getting established with another physician. We are trying to make our records available directly to our patient families so that they will be able to utilize them far into the future. Thank you for being such wonderful patients and parents.

For Established Patients

During the COVID-19 pandemic, please call prior to all visits that we have not already confirmed. Thank you.

Scheduling is one of the most difficult tasks for our receptionists because each doctor can only see one patient at a time and often a number of people get sick or injured at the same time or want to be seen at a particular time of day like after school. Historically, Mondays are usually busier because problems arise or are noticed more over weekends that prompts parents to want to get things taken care of that day.

Call 256-881-9355 for appointments during our regular office hours. We are at 1106 Gleneagles Drive, Huntsville, Alabama 35801




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