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As predicted last summer, we had a particularly heavy 2017-2018 flu season with a new strain of H3N2 influenza predominating. Dr. Scott is embarking on a new flu study taking advantage of this last season, so some of you may be getting calls to see if you would like to participate. FluMist will be available this fall after not being available for the previous two seasons. Both shot and “mist” will have the updated new strain in them, and we are likely to see a light flu season this year in contrast to last year.

In August of 2017, Dr. Scott gave a Grand Rounds presentation at UAB Huntsville entitled “A New Etiological Model for ADHD and Autism” based on his research that has been published in 2014 and 2015. This year, his letter to the Editor was recently published in JAMA Pediatrics arguing that more is known about the cause of autism than is shared with parents, and vaccines do not fit into that evidence-based model. There is still much to learn about potential prevention as well as treatment of autism and other disorders of the brain.


We still offer the HPV (Gardasil) vaccine, but concerns about a possible association between it and ovarian dysfunction have been heightened by a new (June ’18) study while lessened by an even newer (August) study. The FDA and CDC don’t think there is reason to be concerned, but we believe further research is needed.



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Scott S. Field, MD, FAAP

Interaction of Genes and Nutritional Factors in the Etiology of Autism and Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorders: A Case Control Study

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How do Genes and Environment cause Autism?

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Factors Affecting Vaccination in Children and Their Siblings After Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnosis

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Getting Established

The first visit we make to the newborn nursery (we go to both Huntsville Women & Children’s Hospital and Crestwood Medical Center) or your child’s first scheduled visit to our office will establish your child in our practice.

Otherwise, we generally can not see new patients without a pre-scheduled visit due to time constraints since we always take more time on the first visit to be thorough. That means that if you are planning to use us but circumstances arise in which your child needs to be seen before the scheduled new patient appointment, you may need to use the emergency room at that time. We have that policy out of respect for the time of our established patients.

For Established Patients

Once established, your child will have the option of coming at the start of the work day (8 AM Monday through Thursday and 9 AM Friday) to our walk-in time for acute problems without making an appointment. We encourage our walk-in patients to come within the first half hour to minimize conflict with patients who have previously scheduled appointments. For all other visits, even those for which your child may only see the nurse, appointments should be scheduled.

Scheduling is one of the most difficult tasks for our receptionists because each doctor can only see one patient at a time and often a number of people get sick or injured at the same time or want to be seen at a particular time of day like after school. Historically, Mondays are usually busier because problems arise or are noticed more over weekends that prompts parents to want to get things taken care of that day.

Call 256-881-9355 for appointments during our regular office hours. We are at 1106 Gleneagles Drive, Huntsville, Alabama 35801




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